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27 February 2010 @ 01:59 am
Ryo's jweb 2/25 (c) ashkt

Streaming through the trees, the sun ray dances on the pavement.

I thought since the weather seemed so nice, I wanted to take a walk.
But the pollen in the air is quite disturbing.
I bought a pair of glasses.
Those with degree.
With my age increasing, it's getting harder and harder to see things clearly.
But because my vision is getting poorer, maybe it will get easier to ignore the things I don't want to see.
On the other hand, it is that much easier to overlook important things.

Will have to pay more attention.

That said, let's work hard today too.
Day by day, let's enjoy the process of growing and learning, and work hard for the sake of leaving behind a better yesterday.

Yamapi's jweb 2/26 (c) hope_rei

Wind was strong
It was hard to deal with

Yesterday, it seems like it has blown the first gust of wind in this spring
Today, is it a continuation

Don't understand (laugh)。

In the afternoon, the wind blows even stronger!

But it's a really beautiful scene
It will definitely be done well!

Everyone look forward to watch it.


Oh Pi.  =____=
Goes to show you... going to university doesn't mean everything. lol. *clings to Ryo*

I dreamt that I spouted a fish tail last night. Not unlike a mermaid and I was playing under the sea where everything is so pretty and blue. I want the same dream again tonight.

Sweet dreams, all. :)
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